Blinds & Prices

The Venetian Blinds are available in two widths: 25mm and the original 50mm width. They are lightwight and easy to pull up and they leave you with a clear window area when you raise them completely

Vertical Blinds work with any window or patio door, parting left, right or splitting down evenly down the middle. They are easy to clean and provide excellent insutation against heat or cold.

Wooden Venetian Blinds are the most versatile when it comes to controlling light, you can guide the light in or you can block it out completely by closing the slats. Wooden Blinds will compliment any room from office style, to cottage style or eve

Roller Blinds have been popular since the 18th Century, they do not have slats but rather consist of a single piece of fabric which can be rolled up completely or lowered to your preference. The fabric is stiffened making them durable and practica

The Panel Blind is an elegant and sofisticated blinds, they make a bold statement to larger windows, sliding doors and patio doors. It is a versatile way to control light and offer privacy in its simplicity. What makes the Panel Blind so unique

Keeps your home safe and decor happy! ShutterGaurd Aluminium Security Shutters are savy stylish and a safety solution for windows and doors-offering security without compromising the look and feel of your home.

Modern day living with these beautiful Thermawood Shutters, allowing the sun to shine in and maximise your view!